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The Buster Sanders Scholarship Fund is a small, nearly all-volunteer scholarship fund based in Seale, AL. It is the educational program of the Annual Buster Sanders Labor Day Fish Fry which was started in 1989 as a community celebration, fellowship and outreach. It was a way to bring family, friends and community together.

The program started as a living memorial to the idealism of Mr. Arthur "Buster" Sanders, a retiree (50 years) of the Russell County Department of Engineering. The ABSLDFF welcomes the community free of charge. Buster started the Fish Fry from his home as a way to give back to his community in which he lives, worked and loves. Along with delicious fish and other fresh foods and condiments, there is entertainment, shopping and wholesome fun to be enjoyed. Each year the event changes and evolves with the community, but the enduring theme is the same----TO GIVE BACK!


The event is a family fun oriented celebration that has continued to grow and expanded to include the awarding of two financial scholarships for college students. In 2013 the Scholarship Fund Committee took the necessary steps to incorporate the award and became a 501(c) (3) corporation. The committee continues to make improvements and implement changes to ensure the success of the event each year.


Mr. Sanders shares a devotion to young people and believes that "our young generation will create a new, more enlightened society, which will want to live democratic principles, not merely claim them."


Mr. Sanders wants to make sure that young people have a future and this is how he gives back!

are you eligibile

BSSF scholarships are open to local students of Russell County, AL regardless of sex, age, color, nationality or religious background.


To apply for the BSSF Scholarship Online:
  1. Please read the instructions to ensure that you qualify

  2. Apply online. The application within the page should only take a brief moment to load.


Once you submit the application you will receive a confirmation email that will contain all information that was completed on the application. It will also include a filled PDF copy of the application for your records.

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